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When one company dominates all, where does that leave us? When you’re the product, when do you get to be an individual? It’s time that we stop pretending that their algorithm has our best interests at heart. Maybe it’s time to take a step back; maybe it’s time to say no; maybe it’s time to rethink social.

Is friendship the new frontier?

Everyone is included.

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We are all about...

1. Making new friends

2. Having new adventures

3. Exploring new activities

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Being Out is a member-supported App. We’re not trying to sell you something with advertising, we’re not trying to in influence you with newsfeeds, and we will never harvest your information and sell it to third parties. Our goal is to take the cliché “like-minded people looking for like-minded people” and make it a reality.

Let’s rethink social.

and we’re just getting started...

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